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Nutty bread

I can’t resist good bread. If we have some at home I stuff myself to death until it’s all gone. Good bread is not that easy to make and especially to find, at least here in the UK. The national … Continue reading

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Courgette blossom salad and Italian focaccia

A new idea with courgette blossoms and an Italian classic, onion focaccia. During our weekly appointment at the local farm I couldn’t resist the temptation of asking for some more courgette flowers. The farm owner happily agreed and smiling explained … Continue reading

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Pinza pasquale – Easter Pinza

Here the second and more traditional Easter Recipe: la pinza Triestina. The pinza is a traditional sweet bread made in Trieste during Easter, and since one of us is from Trieste, there is no Easter without a pinza. To give … Continue reading

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