Fusilli funghi e speck

Fusilli funghi e speck

We are back in England. We spent the Christmas holiday in Italy with our families, as tradition dictates, but with a twist. In fact, this year we decided to travel to Italy by car which turned out to be quite funny when you drive a pink car with right-hand drive!

Today recipe is a warm and wintry pasta, perfect for the recent snowy days. For this dish we used fusilli, but you can also use a long pasta such as spaghetti o tagliatelle. The main ingredient is mushrooms, the best is to use porcini (ceps) but if you cannot get hold of them any other type of mushrooms is fine. We used some oyster mushrooms, which are probably the best farmed mushrooms you can buy. The other ingredient is speck, which we always bring back from Italy where it is widely used, even though it is typical of Austria.


For 2:

200 g fusilli
200 g oyster mushrooms
100 g speck, one slice
125 ml soured cream
1 shallot
1 garlic clove
parsley, chopped
black pepper, ground
pink peppercorns
olive oil

In a large pot bring to the boil enough water for cooking the pasta. Heat two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil in a pan and then add the garlic slightly crushed with the flat of the knife. When the garlic starts to turn gold add the sliced shallot and the speck cut in small stripes, and cook until tender at medium heat. In the mean time wash the mushrooms and cut them in large slices. Add them to the pan, cover with the lid and cook them until tender.

At the same time cook the pasta. Add a handful of coarse sea salt followed by the pasta and cook for the required time (usually ~12 minutes for fusilli). Just before draining the pasta add the soured cream and the chopped parsley to the sauce, then add the fusilli to the pan and carefully mix with the sauce while the hob is still on low heat.

Serve with some ground back pepper and a few pink peppercorns.

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