Another red dish and another Italian classic. Bruschetta is so simple that it is not even a recipe, but we have often found some very bizarre bruschette around England and Australia. Please do not serve a slice of bread with some tomato slices and raw onion on top pretending to offer an Italian bruschetta.

I remember a BBQ here in England where we brought a box of diced tomatoes with olive oil and basils, and some slices of bread instead of the usual pack of chips. All the people there went crazy for the “Brusceta” and wanted the recipe.

Well, here is the very very simple recipe for a beautiful and tasty summer appetizer.


2 tomatoes
1 garlic clove
extra virgin olive oil, 2 tbs
slices of a good quality white bread (not tin bread!)
basil leaves, handful

Wash and dice the tomatoes, add them in a bowl with extra-virgin olive oil, chopped garlic clove, basil leaves and a pitch of salt. Mix well, it taste better if you leave the tomatoes apart for some minutes. Toast some slices of bread. If you love garlic, rub a garlic clove on the top of the slice and add two or three tablespoons of diced tomatoes.

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9 Responses to Bruschetta

  1. Ahhhh, bruschetta… very summery dish! I love it, especially with tomatoes from my backyard 🙂

  2. PolaM says:

    I’m experimenting with growing tomatoes in planters on my patio…. No idea if it will work, but if it works in Minnesota, it could work anywhere 😉

    Bruschetta is always a great dish!

    • Marilu says:

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  3. That looks gorgeous!

  4. Kaitlin says:

    The most simple recipes can truly be the most wonderful. I love your photos!

  5. Suzy says:

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