Orange chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse

Today a very quick and easy recipe, the mousse au chocolat. The recipe comes from Mirelle, a Parisian colleague of Michele’s mother. It is a very light mousse, with no cream and no butter, and it makes a very satisfying dessert. We used some orange zest as flavouring, but you can use other spices, e.g. vanilla, cardamom or cinnamon.

Mousse au chocolat

Ingredients (3-4 servings)

4 eggs
100 g dark chocolate (70% cocoa or more)
50 g sugar
zest of half an orange

Melt the chocolate in a pan in a bain Marie. In a bowl whisk the sugar and egg yolks until you obtain a creamy mixture. In another bowl beat the egg whites. To obtain the perfect beaten egg whites start slowly and increase the speed gradually. Add the molten chocolate and the grated orange zest to the yolk and sugar mixture. Then gently add the beaten egg whites and mix with a spatula with a circular bottom-to-top movement. Refrigerate for at least an hour before serving.


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12 Responses to Orange chocolate mousse

  1. luisa says:

    mmm ti sei dimenticata della goccia di cointreau o l’hai volontariamente omessa?
    nel primo caso ti consiglio di provare ad aggiungerlo, nel secondo come mai?

  2. Kristen says:

    I love easy, delicious treats like this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a delicious treat…Great site too 🙂

  4. You have a beautiful blog, and this is a lovely chocolate mousse! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for adding me in FoodBuzz. WOW you have beautiful pictures here and guess what I LOVE LOVE LOVE Italian food! It’s sort of hard to find a good Italian restaurant here, so I have to follow you and learn Italian food. I’m from Japan and there are lots of great Italian restaurant there. Looking forward to your post!

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