Monkfish with rose petal salt

Monkfish with rose petal salt

A quick post to wish everyone a happy Valentine day. We are not really into Valentines, no heart shapes, no chocolates, no forced romance. Nevertheless I found this recipe on “Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume” and I thought it could have been a good Valentine day post, a bit different from the usual.



petals from one large rose
2 tablespoons of crystal sea salt
400 g monkfish fillet
2 tablespons extra-virgin olive oil
10 g butter

One day in advance:

Place the petals and salt on a platter and rub together until the petals are well mashed. If you have a pestle I think it is the best to use it, otherwise I suggest you to use fine salt, because the big crystals on the fish can be too much. Store in a jar and allow the flavours to infuse.

On the day

Lightly oil the fish fillets and fry them in a hot pan with the butter until golden brown. Serve topped with a generous pinch of rose petal salt.

Happy Valentine Day to everyone.

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