Jerusalem artichokes with mushrooms and goat’s cheese

Jerusalem artichokes with mushrooms and goat's cheese

Sometimes in England it is difficult to find all the vegetables and fruits that you would fine in Italian markets. Roman artichokes, fennels, Mediterranean figs or succulents tomatoes are now more an holiday food than an everyday meal. Nevertheless, the UK offers all the types of roots and sprouts you can imagine. One that we have recently discovered is the Jerusalem artichokes, which is known in Italy as topinambur. We never tried them before leaving Italy, and to be honest, they are not that common, even in the UK.

We discovered Jerusalem artichokes after finding them in a vegetable box from Riverford Farm, a company that delivers organic vegetables and meat across the UK.  Jerusalem artichokes taste a bit like real artichokes but are less expensive and less fiddly to prepare and eat. The idea of this recipe comes from the “Riverford Farm Cook Book”, a really lovely book with everything you need to know about English vegetables.


Ingredients :

5 large Jerusalem artichokes
200g mushrooms
2 garlic cloves
75g goat’s cheese
3 spring onions
extra-virgin olive oil
marjoram leaves
juice of half lemon
sea salt and black pepper

Scrub and cut the artichokes into 1cm thick round slices. Mix the artichokes slices with the lemon juice, some extra-virgin olive oil and the marjoram leaves and leave them aside. In a pan fry slightly the garlic cloves with some extra-virgin olive oil.Wash, cut the mushrooms into slices and add them into the pan. Cook until they are tender and add some salt and ground black pepper.

Mix the artichokes and the mushrooms into a backing tray, use all the mushrooms water so you do not risk to dry the vegetables. Place the backing try in an oven preheated to 200°C for about one hour, until the artichokes are tender. Sprinkle the vegetables with the crumbled goat’s cheese and the spring onions finely chopped. Serve warm.

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